The car insurance grade can be taken over! Points & Precautions

When you purchase auto insurance, it will be scored and used to calculate your premium. In fact, this degree can be assumed. Explain when, to whom and how to take charge.

The car insurance rating is set at 1 to 20 ratings for each contract, depending on the accident history of the previous year’s contract, the content of the accident, the number of times of use, etc. As a general rule of thumb, when you first purchase auto insurance, you will start from sixth grade. The rating changes each year based on accident history and insurance usage.

According to this grade discount are applied. The higher the rating (higher number), the higher the discount rate (lower premium) and the lower the rating (lower number), the higher the premium.

If there is no accident for a year, or if you don’t use insurance, it will increase by 1-degree next year, and if you use insurance in an accident, it will decrease by 3 or 1 degree next year. The type of accident.

There are conditions for who can take charge of the qualifications.

Newly registered policyholders for hired vehicles are limited to the following.

  • Registered Insured Spouse
  • Cohabiting relatives of registered insured
  • Cohabiting relatives of the registered insured spouse

Be careful if it is not a spouse living with you. If your child wants to buy a car or take control of their grades when they go to school or get a job, or if they plan to live separately, they will take care of their grades as long as they live together.

What is the procedure for taking over the grade?
I will explain in a common case.

My parents’ car is insured and the son I live with bought a new car, so I need to sign the new car. At this time, if you make a new insurance contract for the child who lives together, the insurance premium will be higher, so I would like to give the upper grades of the parent who has a discount on the insurance premium to the child who lives together.

  1. Replacement of the car of the main contract (contract A) currently signed to the car of the child living together
  2. Name of father’s contract (contract) Father ⇒ Cohabitation (it is now possible to pass the qualifications of the parents to the children who live together)
  • Parents purchase new car insurance (contract B)

Even if the registered insured dies, the degree of auto insurance can be transferred to the family. Again, only the spouse of the registered insured, the cohabiting relatives of the registered insured, and the relatives living with the spouse of the registered insured can inherit the degree.

When you take over the degree, the enrolled insured changes, so the relationship with each family member also changes. Please note that if there are conditions such as spouse restrictions, coverage will change according to the change of registered insurer. Check for incidental conditions so that you can adequately cover the area where you need compensation.

Also, if you don’t want to drop your car and take the qualification right away, you can keep the qualification for 10 years by issuing a certificate of suspension.

If you change insurance companies, you can basically take over the previous grade. Please note, however, that some mutual aid may not be able to transfer rating to the non-life insurance company.

In the case of adult car insurance, the rating can be assumed, quoted and applied for on the site only in the following mutual aid cases.

  • Mutual Help JA (Agricultural Cooperative)
  • Zenrosai
  • National automotive mutual aid (all self-help)
  • Nichifire Ren (Japan Fire Fighting Mutual Aid Cooperative) Includes the old SME mutual aid contract.

Do you want to take charge of your grades? If you transfer the rating between insurance companies, it will expire if the rating changes during the contract period. However, if there is no accident for a year, the upgrade time may be extended and the insurance premium may increase. Conditions like insurance premiums and discounts vary by insurance company, so expiration time isn’t always good, but consider carefully when to switch to car insurance.

Also, as a general rule, the expiration date (or cancellation date) of the previous insurance should be the same as the start date of the coverage of the next insurance, and there should be no uninsured period.

The grade cannot be assumed unless the next insurance coverage start date is after the expiration date and within 7 days of the day after the expiration date.

If there is a period between letting go of your car and buying your next car, we recommend that you issue a suspension certificate to maintain your rating.

If You Can’t Assume The Auto Insurance Grade Even If You Meet The Conditions

Even if the conditions entered so far are met, the car insurance grade cannot be inherited in the following cases.

Once insurance has expired or been canceled, there is a period until the next coverage start date.

Even if the conditions entered so far are met, the insurance grade of If you do not buy new car insurance after canceling or expiring your car insurance, you must meet the conditions to issue a certificate of suspension. If you do not issue a suspension certificate within 13 months, your grades will be reset and a 6 (S) will be reissued. Start with a note.

Even if you have car insurance, you will not be able to take over the grade unless you complete the renewal procedure within 7 days of the expiration date.

When the insurance company cancels the contract

If the insurance company cancels the contract due to non-payment of insurance premiums, the degree of car insurance cannot be assumed, it cannot be inherited in the following cases.


How you use your car varies greatly depending on your family structure and lifestyle. Let’s use the grade transfer system appropriately according to the car life of yourself and your family.

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